The Ultimate CV Toolkit

Get your CV toolkit to build a premium yachting CV for only €30

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Why Crew are Loving their Toolkit

A unique course which gives crew and prospective crew access to a whole host of valuable tools and resources to build a world class yachting CV.  The Toolkit contains everything you need to create a CV that really sells you and makes you an attractive interview candidate.

Flexible Learning

No time constraints - build your CV in your own time.

Approved by Leading recruiting Firms

Our template is exactly what recruiters are looking for.

Blended Learning Delivery

Reading a manual can be dry and boring - this course is far from that! - we have included videos, templates and gamifications!

Time Saver

Don't waste your time building a CV that doesn't meet the industry standards.

Value Driven

We are feeling very generous and want to share all our knowledge with you at an affordable price.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

Your CV will leave a lasting impression - get it right the first time!

What's Inside?

Audio Interviews

With actual senior crew telling you exactly what they are looking for in a yachting CV (and what could be making them put your current CV in the NO pile!)

How To Guide

Simple ‘how to’ videos showing what info to include and why, plus tips and tricks for taming Word so it does what you want!

CV Template

A fully formatted Word template ready to download so you can simply type your information straight into the perfect layout.

Secret Profile Formula

A professional Profile Summary that highlights all your strongest selling points


"As a newcomer to the industry it was great to read through everything and get clear on what needs to go into a yachting CV and what should be left off. With the knowledge I gained from The Ultimate Yachting CV Toolkit and the great CV it helped me create, I got my first job really quickly and I’m sure it would have taken much longer without all the inside information that the toolkit provides. So many people applied for my job, so I’m really grateful to have beaten all the competition. I now know from my superiors it was the quality of my CV that made all the difference; it is what got me the interview and an opportunity to sell myself in person".

"I very highly recommend the use of the Ultimate Yachting CV Toolkit, as although I wasn’t sure at first about doing it on my own, everything is so well explained and laid out that it made it very easy. The interview with a Chief Stew and 1st Officer is a super bonus that really helped me focus in the right mind frame to construct my CV smoothly. I learnt a lot more than I expected and am extremely pleased with my new CV!"

"This toolkit is fantastic – does what it says on the tin and I loved the fact I could do it in my own time. There is so much information packed in there, but it’s amazing how when you work through each section step by step it all makes sense and seems very simple. The videos were great too, I’m not brilliant on Word so it was really helpful being shown exactly how to do the formatting. I also loved the interviews with senior crew because it gives you such an insight into what they are looking for. I’m really pleased with the finished product and have been getting a much more positive response to my new CV from agencies so I’m sure it is already working!"

Now only €30.00

*limited time only

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